Published On: Sun, Apr 25th, 2021

Residents protest against Mezquite tree felling in San Miguel park

San Miguel de Allende.- In the Zeferino Gutiérrez park, a group of citizens demonstrated against the felling of mesquite trees in the city of San Miguel, specifically in remodeling works that are carried out around the park.

Nuria Lara, from the group ‘I am San Miguel’ said that complaints have already been filed before the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) for the excessive felling of mesquite and other species of trees.

The San Miguel resident said that people are quite aware and that the address is being shared so that more people can file complaints, which can even be anonymous.

Photo: Periodico Correo

She assured there are at least 15 people who have already filed a complaint and that others will join after the mobilization. The posters said “Do not betray nature, let’s end the tyrannical logging”, or “Amoral LVA (an acronym for mayor Luis Alberto Villarreal)”.

About 50 people were present at the demonstration; the trees that were cut down are located around the park’s perimeter.

The cards with which they protested were pasted on the doors of Zeferino Gutiérrez park.



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