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Supporting Senior Citizens Amid The Pandemic

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The past year has been quite a challenge for everyone as the world tries to adapt to the new normal amid a global health crisis. However, no demographic has suffered as much as the senior citizen community. Stuck at home away from their families, unable to earn a living, and seemingly shut off from things they need like social clubs, doctors, grocery stores, and places of worship, everyday life for adults over 60 gets worse as time passes. 

Though COVID-19 vaccines are on the way, there’s a growing concern that seniors may fold under pressure as they wait their turn. With so much at stake, government officials, medical experts, and family members of seniors consider the most effective ways to lend a helping hand. Continue reading to learn more. 

Economic Support

As most adults over 60 still work for a living, having to shelter in place during the pandemic caused various issues. They suddenly found themselves unable to keep a roof over their heads, let alone food on the table. As a result, many seniors are facing foreclosure, eviction, and starvation. Even as the global economy recovers and jobs return, aging seniors face an uphill battle of trying to compete with younger generations.

Many governments have stepped in to assist senior citizens with their finances. There are programs designed to help eligible applicants get help with their mortgage, rent, utilities, medical costs, and groceries. Some
governments have even awarded seniors a sizeable payment to cover everyday expenses. 

Emotional Support
Mental illness is another issue spreading throughout the senior communities. As social interaction is essential to health and wellness, being stuck indoors for almost a year is bound to have a negative impact. Consequently, seniors feel isolated and start experiencing bouts of depression.

There are several approaches to supporting the emotional wellbeing of the elderly. Friends and family are encouraged to interact with loved ones regularly via telephone, text message, email, or video chat. Seniors living alone might feel better with a dog or cat for companionship. With online services like food and cat litter delivery, they can care for their pets without compromising their health. 

Adults over 60 that are experiencing depression or long periods of sadness are encouraged to reach out to a therapist. They offer telephone and video chat sessions for seniors that are often covered by insurance or provided at an affordable rate.

Medical Support
Adults over 60 have had a challenging time with their health and wellness amid the pandemic. The millions that lost their jobs are no longer able to afford their prescriptions or medical support devices. Not to mention, the fear of contracting the coronavirus has prompted many seniors to avoid important doctor’s appointments. The belief is that it won’t be long before there is a spike in the number of senior citizens passing away from preventable or preexisting conditions.

Having access to adequate healthcare and services is essential to the well-being of senior citizens. Fortunately, there are several solutions to these serious issues. There are affordable healthcare programs for seniors without jobs that need medical coverage. Seniors or their caregivers are encouraged to sign up for benefits. There are also prescription discount programs where users can receive percentages off medications they need most.

Lastly, most healthcare providers offer virtual appointments for seniors or high-risk patients that don’t feel safe during the pandemic. With a computer, a web camera, and a good internet connection, elderly patients can be seen by their doctors for visual checkups that could potentially save their lives. 

Senior citizens have had a significantly difficult time amid the pandemic. As most of them remain sheltered in place without a source of income, access to medical needs, and isolated from everything they know and love, the need to step in is eminent. From the government’s financial assistance to virtual medical appointments and affordable medical coverage, there are several solutions to help the elderly community make it through the pandemic. 

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