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How to pair your favorite cheese with the right ice-cold beer

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Beer and cheese offer a huge world of sensations in tasting and pairing, here The Yucatan Times tells you how to pair your favorite cheese with the right ice-cold beer.

Mèrida, Yucatàn, (May 31, 2021).- It is common to accompany cheese with a good wine, but it never hurts to venture out to discover other types of combinations that will undoubtedly delight your palate. Beer and cheese offer a huge world of sensations in tasting and pairing, due to their affinities, since both have a very wide range of flavors and a great variety of styles that complement each other. If you don’t know how to start, here are some tips to make the best beer pairing with five types of California cheese.

When pairing a beer with the cheese we have to be sure to pair high-fat cheeses with high-alcohol beers, and in turn, complex cheeses with complex beers. A piece of low-fat cheese or with a mild flavor will taste little if we pair it with a complex beer or with high alcohol content, and instead, a high-fat cheese or a strong cheese will surpass and camouflage a mild beer in flavor and light, with little alcohol content.

Maridan el queso y la cerveza? | Gastronomía 7 Islas
Photo: (Gatronomia)

Gouda Cheese with Black Lager Beers

Smoked and roasted flavors make an excellent pair with these types of beers with intense flavor and color, especially when they are slightly bitter as they contrast with their sweetness. A perfect companion for this type of beer is, without a doubt, Gouda cheese.

Potho: (Pixabay)

Cheddar Cheese with Porter Black Ale Beers

Porter beers are generally strong and dark, characteristic of their malty aroma and bitter hops. It works well with smoky nuances, so a good cheese to go with it can be a Sharp Cheddar.

Photo: (Jaimie Harmsen)

Monterrey Jack with Pilsen Beers

One of the most famous lager beers is Pilsner, which goes well with American cheeses such as Muenster or Monterey Jack.

Photo: (Unsplash)

Marbled cheddar with Pale Ale Beers

The Pale Ale label is characterized by being sparkling and with a high level of alcohol and hops; It has a bitter touch that contrasts well with smoky and aromatic flavors, so Marbling Cheddar cheese will be your best option to accompany it.

Photo: (Pixabay)

Fresh Mozzarella with Pilsen Beers

Pilsen beers are characterized by their golden color. They are normally dry and clear, with a good carbonate. They pair well with creamy cheeses and are perfect to pair with Fresh Mozzarella cheese.

Photo: (Dominic Schraudolf)

The Yucatan Times leaves you this pairing list so next time you know which type of cheese is related to what beer brand.

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