Published On: Fri, Jul 9th, 2021

The protection of the children of San Miguel Allende, the priority

San Miguel de Allende seeks to continue protecting the rights of children and youth in San Miguel with the integration of the Advisory Council 2021 of the Comprehensive Protection System for Girls, Boys, and Adolescents in this city, which seeks to form a new council

The SIPINNA of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, released the call for the new formation of its Advisory Council 2021. Through this council, the SIPINNA presents opinions, reports, and promotion of policies, programs, guidelines, instruments, procedures, services, actions, projects, or inputs in the area of ​​children’s rights in San Miguel.

The renewal of the 2021 Advisory Council of SIPINNA was approved in its third ordinary session, on June 22, by the majority of the members of this permanent multidisciplinary body, headed by its executive secretary, Juan José Bautista Garza.

The call will culminate on July 15, with the call for the participation of the general public, both from the public sector, as well as from the social, academic, and private sectors.

Applicants must be specialists in the promotion and defense of human rights, with verifiable experience in working with children and young people, be residents of San Miguel de Allende and be of legal age; as well as not having held a managerial position in a political party in the last two years.

The position of Advisory Director of the SIPINNA SMA is honorary (does not receive economic compensation) and must have time available to attend the sessions (ordinary and extraordinary).

The members will be elected by SIPINNA itself to serve for a period of three years, with the possibility of being reelected by applying suggested criteria of equity, plurality, and representativeness, which balance the participation of different sectors of the San Miguel society.

The receipt of the proposed applications will be submitted physically or electronically within the established period, without exceptions or extensions. The stages of selection of the new directors are verification, pre-selection, and election; at the end, a protest will be taken in a conformation session.

With the integration of the SIPINNA Advisory Council 2021, in San Miguel de Allende policies, and actions will continue to be sought for the benefit of the children and young people of the municipality to guarantee their integral development and respect for their fundamental guarantees and human rights.



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