Published On: Mon, Aug 2nd, 2021

AMLO’s Popular Consultation only counted with 7.74 participation percentage

MEXICO, (August 02, 2021).- President Counselor Lorenzo Córdova reported that a percentage between 89.36 percent and 96.28 percent voted “Yes” in the Popular Consultation that was held this Sunday 1st; while between 1.38 and 1.58 percent voted for ‘No’; while invalid votes reached between 2.19 and 9.21 percent.

Córdova Vianello explained that the percentage of participation in the Popular Consultation, in the cut received at 8:30 p.m. was between 7.07 and 7.74 percent.

He highlighted that just over 93.6 million citizens were able to exercise the right to express their opinion in the 57 thousand 70 reception tables installed by the INE.

For the results to be binding for the authorities, at least 40 percent citizen participation was needed.

However, Lorenzo Córdova considered the Consultation a technical success and assured that both Mexican men and women, as well as the President of the Republic, should feel proud of this first exercise.

Source: Excelsior



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