Published On: Sun, Oct 10th, 2021

Casa de las Conspiraciones, where it all started…

On September 16, 1810, independence troops arrived in San Miguel de Allende, the first major stop on their path to freedom. Insurgent commanders met at the home of Domingo Allende (known as Casa de las Conspiraciones or the “House of Conspiracies”) and named Hidalgo their leader.

The great benefactor of San Miguel de Allende was a man by the name of Manuel Tomás de la Canal who arrived here in 1732. He funded the construction of the Chapel of San Antonio; and his daughter, Josefina Lina, furnished money for the Royal Convent of the Conception, the cloister of which is now the Ignacio Ramírez “El Nigromante”Cultural Center. Narciso, Manuel’s son, built the Casa del Mayorazgo de la Canal.

House of Conspiracies

This 18th century mansion belonged to Ignacio Allende’s brother, Domingo Allende.

It is here that secret meetings were held between the insurgents to conspire against the viceregal government.

Under the pretext of holding dances and other social gatherings, these characters met in the basement organizing the Independence movement.

It is located next to the Main Garden and is currently a private house not open to the public, but without a doubt it is a place that you have to admire.



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