Published On: Thu, Nov 25th, 2021

10 dogs living in unhealthy conditions rescued in San Miguel

San Miguel de Allende.- Inside a property in Lomas de San José, 10 dogs that were living in deplorable conditions were found and protected.

After several citizen complaints, some with more than a year old and others more recent, different municipal agencies went to the address indicated on Magnolia Street, to the northeast of the city, and corroborated the presence of 10 animals, housed in a private farm without conditions for a healthy and hygienic living.

After an hour of waiting, the person denounced as responsible for having them there arrived at the site; He was told that a multidisciplinary review would be carried out, to which he agreed and allowed access to municipal officials.

After the verification, Civil Protection personnel ruled that the property puts the inhabitants at risk, in the same way, the personnel of the Canine and Feline Control area confirmed that there are no appropriate conditions for the stay and care of the dogs present; consequently and in accordance with the subject denounced, the 10 dogs were protected and transferred to the Animal Control Center until this place has adequate facilities and responsible care is provided without damage or affectation to third parties.

Regarding the lifeless dog that was found inside the property, and originated the last complaint, the man himself affirmed that he gave the body this Sunday night to an acquaintance, to bury it in a private ranch.

In fact, in an empty plot in front of the home, bone remains of presumed dogs were found, mainly jaws, already in a state of putrefaction, as well as plastic bags with organic waste, including animal fur.

San Miguel Times



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