Published On: Fri, Dec 31st, 2021

DROP by DRO¨P: Start Off the Year by Making a Difference Every Month

By making a commitment to join our Drop by Drop monthly giving program, you’ll become part of a community of water advocates helping provide clean water access, educational programming, and so much more to help improve the health and wellbeing of thousands throughout the Upper Río Laja Watershed, and well beyond.

Consistent monthly support allows us to importantly count on a regular income stream, which in turn enables us to better plan and be even more efficient and effective with your donation.  By clicking on the link below you can learn more or subscribe today.

What is ‘Drop by Drop’? The water we collect in rainwater harvesting systems, or the clean drinking water that comes out of our filters or treatment plants, is pooled together – drop by drop – to create a continuous supply of clean water. Inspired by these processes, our Drop by Drop Program shows how many actions can come together to make a major difference in people’s lives. 

By giving, every month, you join many others in creating a collective impact. This way you’ll become part of a strong community of water advocates.  With every new monthly member who joins, more people grow stronger and healthier.So, this 2022, make every drop count by making a regular monthly donation to Caminos de Agua, starting today.
What you help create:

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