Published On: Thu, Dec 9th, 2021

New Notorious San Miguel Book Free!

Celebrate your holidays in Mexico with the latest book in the best-selling San Miguel de Allende Secrets series with a free Kindle download Thursday through Sunday, December 9 to 12.  Town’s Notorious is filled with all the San Miguel folks that matter.  Humorously explained are the street, schoolstore and neighborhood names plus those that tread across an international stage like Morticia and the Frito Bandito.

Author Joseph Toone is the award winning author of the San Miguel de Allende Secrets best-selling book series.  Toone is the town’s expert, TripAdvisor’s top-ranked tour guide and the international speaker on the Power of the Feminine telling the stories behind what we do in town today.

International Living Magazine describes Toone as “Part historian, part storyteller and part entertainer explaining everything we foreigners should know to better enjoy San Miguel.”

Toone is also the creator of the Mexican Maria Doll Coloring Book, an art project promoting and benefitting the indigenous-made Maria doll makers sponsored by National Geographic.

Click here for your free Kindle download of Town’s Notorious.

Also on Amazon are paper-back versions for the San Miguel lovers on your Christmas list!

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by Joseph Toone



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