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Haitian migrants are offered a one-year residency in San Miguel de Allende

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2021 has been a difficult year for Haiti. After a couple of natural disasters that devastated parts of the country in the middle of this year, the situation worsened when on July 7, President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated at the hands of an alleged assassination. From then on, work began to be scarce and with this insecurity was increasing, leading many families to live in a precarious situation and constant anguish due to crime and the difficult political situation in the country, for which many Haitians began to consider leaving their place of origin in search of better life opportunities for themselves and their family. A few months have passed since these events and the circumstances only seem to get worse, so they made the decision to make an effort to emigrate, with the uncertainty as a company.

Not all have managed to leave, however, Mexico has already received some of them and efforts are being made to help them improve their quality of life.

The National Institute of Migration, for its part, has done the corresponding thing, in response to the situation of immigrants, it provided them with a QR code with the address of the migration offices in both San Miguel de Allende and León de Los Aldama Guanajuato to who came to carry out the procedure for a temporary residence of one year in Mexico. In this way, last week dozens of people, some complete families, originating from different areas of Haiti, arrived in San Miguel and León; however, they remained outside these offices for several days. Pierrelus Markley, one of the immigrants who arrived in San Miguel with his wife and little daughter, shares that for days they were sleeping outdoors, despite the lack of food and the rain that fell for two days in the city. 

“It was very cold and I was worried about my daughter and my wife, but we had to wait for them to help us with the residence to find where to go.” It was until, on Friday, December 17, they were taken by staff and volunteers to the Union, known as “El Recreo” on Recreo street, downtown area. “They came for us, several people arrived and brought us here so that we could have a roof while we were passing through San Miguel. Some people have come to see us, they talk with us, they bring us food or money to pay for the passage because we all have a different destination here; Mexicans and the people who live here have shown solidarity with us ”, shared Pierrelus. 

The Union adapted the kitchen, the lounges, and the wine cellar so that people can live together and be calm while passing through San Miguel, as well as the theater,

The residence that the National Migration Institute is granting them provides them with a CURP code, which guarantees them access to the health system, education, and the right to work within the Mexican country for one year. They are asked if they want to stay in Guanajuato or if there is a state of their preference to settle and in this way, those who have not stayed here are already leaving for Ciudad Juárez, Tijuana, and other destinations with the help of donations and volunteering.

The facilities of the Union are full of these people sharing food in the dining room, children playing and running through the corridors, and some adults living with others with music or talking. There is a pleasant atmosphere despite the difficult situation that occurs.

The Union’s staff, the foreign community, and the citizens of San Miguel are part of the volunteer work that has continued to support Haitians, conducting a census that shows a total of 84 people in total, also collecting food, obtaining transportation for those who have already completed their procedures. and they must leave for their assigned destination, and channeling some doctors (two pediatricians and a gynecologist) to attend especially to children and pregnant women. This help network has generated an atmosphere of hospitality and it has been confirmed that everyone is in good health.

Source: atencionsma.com

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