Published On: Wed, Feb 23rd, 2022

Host a fantastic “Margarita Afternoon” with these 3 delicious recipes

Find here some variations of this iconic cocktail and prepare them at home

(MERIDA, YUC. – TYT).- The Margarita is one of those unmistakable drinks that are ordered almost everywhere in the world. Thanks to their popularity and the tradition they have become, Margarita Day is celebrated every February 22.

For you to celebrate this great cocktail properly, we share three recipes for you to choose the one you like the most and enjoy it at home, just as if you were next to a pool. 

The Classic Margarita

(Photo: Pixabay)


40 ml of Don Julio Blanco tequila
25 ml of orange liqueur
20 ml of lemon juice
Salt to frost
1 slice of lemon to decorate


Add in a cocktail shaker with ice, tequila, orange liqueur and lemon juice.
Close and shake vigorously until cool.
Strain into an old fashioned glass frosted with salt and filled with ice
Decorate with the lemon wedge and enjoy.  

Frappé Watermelon Margarita

(Photo: Pixabay)


1 cup of watermelon 
60 ml of tequila 
30 ml of triple sec or orange liqueur 
30 ml of lemon juice
30 ml of agave syrup 
½ cup of ice
Chili powder 


In a blender glass, add the watermelon, tequila, orange liqueur, agave syrup, lime juice, and ice. 
Process until you get a uniform grind. 
Frost a cup or glass with chamoy and a mixture of salt and chili powder. 
Serve and enjoy.  

Extra-tropical Margarita

(Photo: Pexels)


5 pieces of raspberry 
½ tablespoon of honey 
30 ml of lemon juice 
45 ml of tequila 
30 ml of grapefruit juice 
1 tablespoon of passion fruit pulp 


In a cocktail shaker, place the raspberries, honey, lemon, tequila, passion fruit and grapefruit juice. 
With the help of a macerator or a spoon, mash the fruit. 
Add sufficient ice and shake vigorously until cool. 
Strain into a frosty glass with salt, new ice and enjoy. 

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