Published On: Thu, Feb 24th, 2022

Luis Alberto Villarreal and former officials are denounced for corruption by Mayor Mauricio Trejo

The former municipal president of San Miguel de Allende, Luis Alberto Villarreal, has been denounced before the Specialized Prosecutor for Organized Crime, as well as before the Federal Prosecutor by the Mayor of San Miguel, Mr. Mauricio Trejo Pureco.

The Mayor accuses Luis Alberto Villarreal, of allegedly committing the following crimes:

  • Operations with resources of non-determined origin
  • Organized crime
  • Tax fraud

The complaint, posted by MILENIO, has been filed by the organization “Mexico United Against Corruption”, which has been filed since January 28 and is signed by Cesar Antonio Padilla Ramírez, representative of the movement.

“I inform you by means of a formal complaint of acts committed for the crimes foreseen and sanctioned by articles 400 bis of the National Code of Criminal Procedures, 108, 113 bis, and others that result from conduct that is considered typical of the commission of a crime against the Federation and the State of Guanajuato”, reads the document.

The complaint not only goes against Luis Alberto Villarreal, former municipal president of San Miguel de Allende but also involves his brother Ricardo Villarreal García, who is, of course, also a former municipal president of San Miguel de Allende and currently a federal congressman “diputado” for the PAN political party.

The complaint also mentions Christopher Thomas Finkelstein Franyutti, who served as secretary of the Board of Directors of the Potable Water and Sewage System of San Miguel de Allende, Sapasma; as well as Nicolás Hernández Ramírez and Mauricio Orozco Arroyo, both former members of the Sapasma Council.

All of them are alleged to have committed crimes against the Treasury, to the detriment of the Federation and the State of Guanajuato, as well as money laundering, allegedly of illicit origin.

Just last December 14, the members of the Board of Directors of the Sapasma were fired by a court order that was granted to the City Council of this municipality.

The members of the Board of Directors had barely protested at the Town Hall Session on October 8, 2021; However, his dismissal two months later was due to “loss of confidence.”

The government supported this action in Article 6, Section IV, of the Labor Law of State and Municipal Public Servants, as well as in Article 185 of the Federal Labor Law.

As reported by the Municipal Government of San Miguel de Allende, the reason for the loss of confidence was that the members of the Sapasma Council did not inform the Treasury Accounts Commission of the condonation of payments of up to 15.5 million pesos, to real estate developers, among other irregularities.

Meanwhile, the former Municipal President of San Miguel de Allende and Federal Deputy elected by the PAN Ricardo Villarreal accused the current mayor Mauricio Trejo of orchestrating the complaint filed through the citizen Cesar Antonio Padilla of the “Mexico United Against Corruption” Association before the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and the Deputy Attorney General’s Office for Attention to Organized Crime, publicly challenging them to prove the accusations.

“This is a campaign started by someone who has 16 criminal complaints filed against him by the Superior Audit Office of the State of Guanajuato and who is today the municipal president of San Miguel de Allende, Mauricio Trejo, and if he pretends that through these slanders, I am going to stop exposing his acts of corruption, you are totally wrong”, declared Ricardo Villarreal.

Sources: Telediario | Milenio

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