Published On: Wed, Feb 9th, 2022

Memoirs: How to Show the Past (Not Tell It) with Kathrin Lake

FEB. 14, 16 & 18 | 10:00 AM–12:00 PM CST | $250 USD
Enroll HereWhether you are writing a memoir to share your experience with the world or just for your family, memoirists are especially vulnerable to falling into the trap of “telling” versus “showing” because everything is a past memory. Kathrin Lake, author of The Happy Hammock series (her amusing memoirs of life in Mexico), will show you how to make your memoirs an active, compelling read using fiction techniques.
Kathrin will lead exercises using writing prompts designed especially for memoir writing, as well as worksheets to help in structuring a memoir. Together participants will help each other leap over common pitfalls in memoir writing, including doubts and fears, and making their vulnerabilities the best part. Join her and other memoirists to learn how to make your memoir come alive for readers while remaining true to your story.
Kathrin Lake has a degree in theatre and film from SFU in Vancouver, Canada. She has won awards in playwriting and for screenplays but developed a passion for nonfiction by writing for newspapers and other publications. Her well-reviewed book on writing is Writing with Cold Feet as well as The A to Zen of Writing and her memoir series, The Happy Hammock. Kathrin regularly teaches for The Vancouver School of Writing and is a full-time writer and story coach.

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