Published On: Tue, Feb 15th, 2022

SMA City Hall suspends Honda motorcycle dealership permit

San Miguel de Allende.- The motorcycle shop, owned by the former Municipal Official Pavel Hernández, no longer has permission to use public roads and display their vehicles, as the SMA City Council has revoked that permit.

By majority, the city council withdrew the permission to use the public space from the owner of the Honda motorcycle store located at the exit to Celaya, right next to the Megacable facilities.

This is the place where Mayor Mauricio Trejo has an office too, as he is a local businessman too.

The permit was suspended for Jesús Alberto Hernández, father of Pavel Hernández, a former SMA alderman, member of the PAN political party, who was also a trustee in the 2015-2018 administration.

Councilors from the PRI political party said that citizens are demanding the rescue of public spaces and that this motorcycle store was invading public roads to display their products.

Municipal trustee, Fabiola Correa, said that the holder of the permit did not renew the agreement in a timely manner. Therefore, it was suspended.

This situation has provoked controversy among the councilors, especially among the PAN members, who tried unsuccessfully to defend Hernandez.

In the end, the motorcycle shop permit proposal was submitted for suspension and it was approved by 9 votes in favor and 3 against.

San Miguel Times



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