Published On: Fri, Mar 4th, 2022

Mexico’s Covid Zar Hugo Lopez Gatel said it’s not time to relax health measures yet

On Wednesday, Mexico’s Undersecretary of Health was questioned about the sanitary measures and replied that, although the number of cases is going down, it is not yet time to lower our guard.

Hugo López-Gatell confirmed that the pandemic is at its lowest stage since it began 2 years ago, “however,” he said, “it is not yet time to relax sanitary measures.”

Questioned by the media during the President’s morning press conference, the official assured that the number of active cases in the country is the lowest it has been in almost 13 months, and hospital occupation is minimal.

However, he said that a few more weeks of reduction in infections must be seen in order to contemplate the relaxation of sanitary measures like mask-wearing, social distancing, and the use of anti-bacterial gel.

“Over the past five weeks we have seen a very sustained reduction in the number of Covid cases, but we want to reach the minimum point. At this moment it is practically at the minimum intensity since the beginning of the pandemic, but we still want to see that this reduction is maintained and that it remains stable for a few more weeks. If that were the situation, we could start recommending the de-escalation of some measures,” he said.

Currently, only 0.8% of cases are active, while mortality has been reduced by 80% and only 12% of the hospital beds in the country are occupied.

San Miguel Times



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