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Amatte Wellnest Community: An innovative concept in San Miguel de Allende

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Inspired by the Wabi-sabi concept, which is conceived as finding beauty in the imperfect and accepting the cycles of life, Amatte Wellnest Community combines avant-garde architecture with life in all its corners.

Considered a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), San Miguel de Allende is one of the favorite destinations for the hotel industry. Thanks to its culture, architecture, and gastronomy, it is currently listed as the best city in the world by the prestigious Travel + Leisure list. 

According to the Tourist Observatory of Guanajuato, from January 2020 to the same month of 2021, 723 thousand tourists arrived in the city of San Miguel de Allende, which generated an economic spill of 2.8 billion pesos. 

Regarding lodging, 33% of tourists chose a one to five-star hotel for their stay —with an average daily expenditure of 2,134 pesos and a stay of 1.32 days—. In the year, 154.2 thousand occupied rooms were registered, which represented 15% of hotel occupancy. Among the main aspects of interest in San Miguel de Allende, are: 

  • Leisure and recreation activities: 70%
  • Gastronomic activities: 14%
  • Business or work: 8%

The largest number of tourists from the same state come from the cities of León, Guanajuato capital, Celaya and Irapuato. Nationally, the main origins are Mexico City, San Luis Potosí, Zacatecas, Nuevo León, Querétaro and Jalisco. 

A nest that embraces well-being 

Amatte Wellnest Community is a new design, pet-friendly and high-class hotel recently opened in the city of San Miguel de Allende. Inspired by Mediterranean villas, its innovative identity unfolds from the word Wellnest, where well-being is mixed with what they describe as a “good nest”, which gives meaning to its motto: “ The community of good living comes together in the same nest .”

Inspired by the Wabi-sabi concept, which is conceived as finding beauty in the imperfect and accepting the cycles of life, Amatte combines avant-garde architecture with life in all its corners. Built with sustainable materials and mostly based on Chukum, the guiding principle is to promote sustainable and natural culture.

The essence of the hotel lies mainly in the experience, in those moments that define a day, a weekend, or an entire trip. Each of the spaces in this nest was created with the guest experience in mind, from the architectural sense to the sensory aspects to enjoy during your stay. 

The creators of the project were Héctor Aguilar and Alberto Casas, who a few years ago visualized the conception of this unique space, where gastronomy and relaxation are connected —for the enjoyment of visitors who seek to create deep and significant connections—.

The consolidation of the hotel was possible thanks to the joint work of expert minds, such as the Japanese architect Shinji Miyazaki. He was in charge of bringing the concept to life through the architectural essence, design, and interior design that distinguish Amatte.

Shinji’s philosophy is reflected in every room. Much of what this architect thinks is that the materials have to be honest, so everything that is perceived in terms of furniture, as well as interior and exterior textures, is part of this conception. 

Create Community 

Carlos Moreno, general manager of Amatte, points out that within the hotel sector in the city they have also noticed a good response to this new space. To date, they have had a rapprochement with the other hotels that have been operating for a longer period of time, with whom they have created ties of mutual support.

“We also seek to build community in San Miguel de Allende, which has been a tradition among all hoteliers, restaurateurs, and artists. Being such a cosmopolitan city, we want to be part of this network that already exists between all the residents of the city and its surroundings”, says Carlos.

In addition, he says that they maintain contact with different chefs from other states, which allows them to make Omakase on a monthly basis. In this experience, special events are held with guest chefs, where 20 lucky clients enjoy an intimate evening with the best of its gastronomy (based on a seasonal menu).

“We visualize ourselves generating a lot of expectation. We have an extremely broad agenda for the rest of the year, we will participate in the main events that take place in San Miguel de Allende. We want to do a lot; in the three months that we have been, we have had a very large diffusion, because we have moved, even before the opening”, adds the manager. 

Luxury facilities 

Amatte has a total of 29 rooms, all with access to a rain shower, 55-inch Smart TV, minibar, and other luxury amenities —such as a Lutron lighting system, air conditioning, and heating, among others—. 

It offers clients different types of suites such as Studio, Studio Deluxe, Jr. Suite, Jr. Colonial Suite, Jr. Suite Deluxe, Double Master Suite, Villa Dragones, and Villa Diamante. Each one represents the maximum comfort and quality for a unique experience. In addition, these are the spaces that guests can enjoy during their stay: 


Since its inauguration, in December 2021, it has been a complete success, becoming a meeting point for locals and visitors. After climbing its 71 steps, you can enjoy a magnificent view, as well as live a sensorial journey through the different bars, the orchard, and its exquisite Hacman’s restaurant (created by the famous chef Drew Deckman). 

71st floor 

In an interior courtyard, under the impressive stairs of the Amatte Wellnest Community, Piso 71 serves delicious and abundant breakfasts, a healthy menu, and vegetarian options for both breakfast and lunch. 

Vegetable patch

The hotel has an urban garden, where almost all the herbs that are used in the kitchens, the spa, and the mixology of its bars are grown in an organic and respectful way —for example, mint, rosemary, lavender, among others—.  

LifeFitness Gym

This space is perfectly conditioned to maintain the physical routine, with Life Fitness equipment and the possibility of having a private instructor. Also, if desired, you can practice yoga or some other form of movement.

Sound room

This cozy corner was created with state-of-the-art Mexican technology from Margules, to achieve impeccable acoustics. It is ideal for gathering to enjoy music, a great movie or a sports match.

Big piece of furniture     

It is an amazing pool in the heart of the nest, a place to rest your eyes, meet others and take a breather.

Aruma Skybar

In this space, mixology takes on a different meaning in a game of contrasts. This alchemy of flavors and textures is born from the creativity of Amatte’s mixologists, who propose combinations of mezcal, gin, rum, vodka, and other spirits. 

Bubble Bar

Here you can find labels with the denomination of origin such as Moët & Chandon, Taittinger, Dom Perignon, and Veuve Cliquot —celebrated for their flavor, their balance, and the joy that each of their bubbles provokes—.

Dragons Bar

It is dedicated to the products of Casa Dragones, one of the most exclusive artisan tequila companies in Mexico. In this venue it is possible to enjoy a tasting of their bottles, each one signed and numbered, while the afternoon and evening are transformed into an unforgettable occasion.

Spanish corner

It is the perfect place to taste Cinco Jotas Iberian ham; Let yourself be transported to Spain in its exclusive bar along with the flavors of the Mediterranean. There you can enjoy the Bellota ham, accompanied by good wine and a spectacular view.


For the curatorship of the cava, a selection of 80 exclusive labels from well-known wineries passionate about their trade was made. Thus, customers will live a total experience, on a tour of the world through grapes.

Amatte Walk

Events of a different range can be held in this space; especially ideal for carrying out fashion catwalks, it has the flexibility to receive different audiences in its facilities. 

In addition to these areas, in the near future, the hotel will also have a spa service, a place designed to return to nature. Many of the treatments will be totally based on traditional Mexican herbalism, with a highly beneficial personalized service for those who wish to live this experience. 

“A lot of what sets us apart is that we don’t focus on just one segment. We are very open to covering a large part of the areas that are currently in the trend without losing our essence. Property, by its very nature, offers this possibility”, Carlos Moreno stated.

Source:  Líder Empresarial

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