Published On: Thu, May 19th, 2022

Mexico must be self-sufficient in food: AMLO

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Mexico must produce the food it consumes so as not to depend on imports, said Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, and for this reason, his government seeks to reactivate production for self-consumption.

(EFE).- In addition, the president accused the technocratic politicians, from governments prior to his, of having abandoned the Mexican farmers.

During the second day of production for self-consumption, carried out in the municipality of Zapotlanejo, state of Jalisco, López Obrador spoke of the Russia-Ukraine war that triggered inflation and caused an international crisis.

“We are going to produce what we consume, we have the land and there will be water, and we are going to give support so that small landowners and community members help us by planting, as they always do, but maybe now they can expand their production areas, we have to do that campaign of producing for self-consumption,” he explained.

He accepted that it is possible to “produce for the market, to sell food, but let’s start by producing what we consume, producing corn, beans, rice, wheat, milk, the basics.”

In addition to hens, chickens, and eggs “whatever is needed for food because we also have to prevent, we do not know how long this crisis that was caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine can last, that is where the policy failed.” 

San Miguel Times



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