Published On: Sun, Jun 12th, 2022

“Internet Para Todos” a communication company that now belongs to the nation: López Obrador

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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that an agreement was signed in which the Mexican government will lead and manage the infrastructure of the communications company Altan, after providing an appeal, since the firm was bankrupt.

The Mexican president stated that this is how there will be internet for all the people in Mexico.

“I take this opportunity to tell you that the communication company Altan was in a delicate financial situation; they were given a concession during the past six-year term and they have the fiber-optic network to provide internet services in most of the national territory, they even have a network used by private companies”, AMLO detailed.

From Huatulco in the state of Oaxaca, López Obrador revealed that the company was bankrupt, and the government decided to acquire it.

“We made the decision to provide the necessary economic resources and this will allow us to have internet in every town in Mexico, through this company that now belongs to the nation.”

The chief executive elaborated by pointing out that the Mexican state is already a majority shareholder and has the management and administration of the company.

“Just as we bought a refinery in Texas, now with the savings it was possible to obtain the majority of the Altan company shares, which means that all small and large towns in Mexico will have free internet in public squares, schools, and hospitals, as well as in other places of collective interest”, declared the president.

He finally said that now it will be the Ministry of Finance that will deliver the technical report of this acquisition.

San Miguel Times



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