Published On: Mon, Jun 27th, 2022

Streets and neighborhoods of San Juan del Rio are overrun by stray dogs

San Juan del Rio, Queretaro (June 22, 2022).- San Juan del Rio’s neighborhoods and surrounding areas have been impacted by the overpopulation of dogs living on the streets, so it is important to make the necessary efforts to solve this problem.

Hector Resendiz Cabrera, the sub-delegate from Nuevo San Isidro, noted that one of the issues affecting his town is the abandonment of dogs, noting that there are more than 100 stray animals on the streets.

Although there have always been stray dogs, he said that the issue has gotten worse since more individuals are leaving their pets behind, particularly in the wake of the pandemic.

As a result, there is an increased chance of diseases spreading and people being bitten; “these poor scared dogs could bite someone out of pure protective instinct,” he stated.

He claimed that sterilization programs and educational talks are already being held in the nearby villages to raise awareness among the residents about not abandoning their dogs.

The Animal Control Unit will collaborate with them to control excessive reproduction, as the local authorities are aware of the situation.

To maintain the street clean and to prevent the animals from causing further harm, he claimed that the residents should have cleaning days. He made reference to the previous issues they had when the garbage truck failed to arrive in the town and dogs tore apart the trash bags making a real mess in different parts of the municipality.

Finally, he stated that his community is not the only one dealing with this issue by claiming that San Juan del Río’s streets are infamous for having a high number of stray animals but the problem is not exclusive to this region.

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