Published On: Sun, Jun 26th, 2022

Three businesses closed down due to insecurity in Celaya, Guanajuato

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According to residents, two men on a motorcycle have been robbing bystanders in the afternoons. Local business owners there have concurred that there is no presence of public security personnel in the area.

Quinto Patio file photo

CELAYA, Gto. Due to the unrest in Celaya and the “harassment of the local authorities,” as reported by the “Fifth Patio,” three restaurants told their customers through social networks that they would be closing permanently.

It is not surprising that the bar “Fifth Patio” has closed its doors and posted the following message on its social media accounts given that many business owners claim they are the targets of extortion and intimidation.

It is never easy to leave or say goodbye and leave behind everything that we live with our clients and friends. We tried to endure as much as we could, but the insecurity and the ineptitude of the authorities in Celaya have forced us to say goodbye“.

Finally, other business owners said that they did not understand why the bar’s proprietors claimed in their publication that they had been subjected to official harassment as they had not experienced any negative actions of that type.



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