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Discover San Miguel de Allende’s first wine bar, housed within a former pharmacy

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Xoler, which established itself as the first wine bar in San Miguel de Allende, is one of those places that is discovered by accident or really good recommendations.

San Miguel de Allende is a tourist destination renowned for its traditional beauty and historical appeal. It has a very romantic ambiance with cobblestone streets, historical buildings, and – our favorite – culinary establishments that specialize in fine food and wine.

Xoler, the first wine bar in San Miguel de Allende, finally opened its doors. Here, you may surprise yourself with an exceptional range of local and foreign wines.

Breaking a little from San Miguel de Allende’s unspoken exclusivity norm, one might expect to find a wine bar while visiting this Magical Town: a casual setting where you can make a toast with diners at other tables in addition to enjoying better food and drinks, and knowing that you’ll be welcomed on your return.

If you’re lucky, one of the original partners could greet you and tell you about how this wine bar in San Miguel de Allende came to be.

Agustin Solórzano, an architect, is in charge of the project. After making a name for himself with his Solorzano tequila distillates, he decided to expand into the gastronomic sector of the Magical Town.

His passion for fine food and drink is evident in every item on the Xoler menu, and his architectural prowess is reflected in the beauty of this unique space.

The latter is located inside a former pharmacy that has been functionally and stylishly refurbished while retaining its traditional character thanks to the durability of its major structures and stunning stone walls.

A beautiful piece of art by José Dávila is displayed on the room’s main wall in creative contrast to the minimalist interior decor and understated lighting, creating a very warm and friendly environment.

The Xoler menu is distinguished by its superb range of wines, which includes white, red, rosé, sparkling, natural, organic, biodynamic, and any wine that is a treasure of enology worth sharing.

You can seek advice from the staff or allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised by a harvest that differs from the norm thanks to fermentation and the distinct organic flavor of natural wines.

With a Mediterranean flavor and a preference for the highest quality ingredients, the food at this wine bar in San Miguel de Allende is ideal for complementing a fine meal.

You will have an amazing experience whether you choose their bravas potatoes with caviar, their peas with pancetta, or their cod cake – which is also available all year long!

PHONE: 473 152 9332

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