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Hacienda El Santuario: art, gastronomy and spirituality in San Miguel

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This boutique hotel, which has been nominated for the Readers’ Choice Award for Best Hotel & Resort 2022, encourages visitors to experience Guanajuato hospitality firsthand.

The entryway, together with the lengthy stone hallways where the igneous tones take on special value, with vast entrance halls and stairs, and stars hanging from the ceilings, are part of a celebration of light and hope.

The Hotel Hacienda El Santuario, a representative 16th-century property, retains a neo-vice royal aesthetic throughout its interiors, standing out with pottery, carved stone, sculptures, colors, and even a José Luis Arias of Mazatlan-created mural inside its La Sanmiguelada bar.

“I wanted to portray the history of this lovely place in the painting,” the artist explained. Of course, there are the great artists who have influenced me, such as Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and David A. Siqueiros, as well as the contrast that the city upholds between the devil and the angels, and its evenings of singing and partying. We have areas dedicated to Mexican history, mariachi music, art, skulls, and the Day of the Dead”. This is how the author, who gave his work a lighthearted tone, described the painting that represents the people’s passion for San Miguel.

“This old mansion, which has been completely renovated, down to the original beguinage, has a central space that leads to two additional patios. This introduces the mysticism of the building; the deeper, the greater the silence, while also inviting you to stay there, relax in one of the chairs, and immerse yourself in the local culture”, said the marketing director, Marigel Piquent León, describing the Hacienda as “a really mystical setting.”


“Specifically in the kitchen, we have staff who bring all the culinary traditions from municipalities like Salvatierra, Comonfort, and Dolores Hidalgo, in short, from many places that have given an incredible seasoning to the dishes we offer. Here, we give preference to people from Guanajuato because we hire a lot of locals,” stated Daniel Murias, the general manager.

“Delicious dishes like Menudo, Pancita, Carnitas, Barbacoa, Rajas con Crema, or Quesadillas with a homemade tortilla are served for breakfast, which is included in the lodging rate. Of course, there is also a selection of fresh fruit with yogurt, cereals, pot coffee, hot chocolate, atole, orange juice, and fresh drinks”, said Marigel Piquent León.

“We welcome our guests to La Samaritana, where they can currently savor horchata water with prickly pear ice cream jamaica with red fruits, and our specialty, bougainvillea water,” (which is abundant in this place)”, the marketing director continued.

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The Sanctuary is situated on the famous Aldama Street, which is cobbled, lined with beige-colored houses that still bear signs of their former lives, and that lets you learn more about the unique culture of San Miguel.

The venue

There are 30 suites in this beautiful boutique hotel, divided into four types: petit, junior, master, and grand master suites. with some having a kitchen and all featuring rustic furniture.

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