Published On: Fri, Jul 8th, 2022

Internet will be available in 65 Celaya communities

According to Francisco Arreguin, the director of social development, the Alfa firm would be responsible for providing internet connectivity to the 65 remote areas within the municipality.

CELAYA, GUANAJUATO.- According to Francisco Arreguin, director of social development, the Alfa firm, which invested 2 million pesos in the project, will provide internet connection to the municipality’s 65 rural towns starting next Friday, July 15th.

The firm will start activating its antennae and offering service in several rural communities in the north of the municipality by Friday, according to the municipal official, who also noted that the company has an infrastructure in numerous localities, making the process more simple.

Galvanes, Chapulines, San Nicolás de Esquiros, Presa Blanca, and San Elias are a few of the communities that will have internet coverage.

Spaces such as rural areas, public squares, or main gardens will be used to erect internet reception antennae. The range might extend 100 meters in all directions from the spot where the antenna is installed.

“We expect that by the middle of August, a total of 65 towns will have free internet service,” the municipal official concluded.

San Miguel Times



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