Published On: Sat, Oct 1st, 2022

After a two-year hiatus, the World Rally Championship returns to Guanajuato

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2023 will see the World Rally Championship (WRC) at Guanajuato, Silao, and León.

Guanajuato, León. After a two-year hiatus, the World Rally Championship (WRC) will return to Guanajuato, Silao, and León in February and March of 2023. The epidemic in the state officially began in 2020, with the conclusion of the Rally.
The process of persuading the WRC to move the race back to Guanajuato, according to Juan Suberville, president of Rally México, was difficult and took more than a year to accomplish because other nations and states also wanted to host the event.
He said that the World Rally Championship’s debut in Guanajuato in 2023 is anticipated to be a magnificent event.

Considering the established bond between Guanajuato and the Rally organizers, Governor Diego Sinhue Rodrguez Vallejo claimed that the Rally will come home.
The fact that we have a sizable venue in Poliforum to receive mechanics and equipment, which is only 15 minutes from the mountains, is unparalleled, he said, adding that Guanajuato has a robust highway system.

The epidemic, he said, started in Guanajuato on the final day of the rally in 2020, when it was decided to move up the award ceremony from Sunday to Saturday due to the spread of the disease and the closing of some borders.

It is a good moment to return to the Rally, he said, since “I am confident that with this Rally we complete that part of our history, and I am sure that in 2023 we will be starting with everything under other conditions.”

He claimed that several politicians were already circling like “vultures” in anticipation of the event not occurring in Guanajuato so they could use it to gain political advantage in their states in 2024.

According to Rodriguez Vallejo, the 2019 edition had a 784 million peso economic loss and an influx of 550 thousand visitors.

There are currently no set dates for the event, but it will take place between March and April. The days on which the tournament will take place will be determined in the coming months, but the start will be in Guanajuato, in the city’s tunnels.

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