Published On: Tue, Oct 11th, 2022

In just five months, 7,000 Guanajuato citizens will have returned from the U.S. and Canada

Every day on average during this year, 46 Guanajuato migrants were returned to Mexican soil; the state ranked seventh in this category.

Guanajuato, Gto.- Between January and May of this year, about 7,000 Guanajuatenses were repatriated from the United States and Canada. The Migration Policy Unit’s study indicates this (UPM).

Numerous Guanajuato migrants continue to leave their homes and families each year in quest of a better life overseas due to the region’s rising violence, inequality, and lack of opportunities.

The number of citizens returning home is rising despite the changing US government. In the most current UPM statistics bulletin, Guanajuato, with 6,934 inhabitants, was ranked 7th nationally among Mexicans who had returned from the US.

In other words, throughout the course of this year, 46 Guanajuato migrants were returned to their home country from the United States on average per day.

Particularly, 1,732 were recorded in May, which was the greatest amount this year. April came next with 1,677 returns, followed by March with 1,635 returns, February with 1,256 returns, and January with just 634.

The organization has seen a general rise of 14.59 percent compared to 2021 as compared to the same period in prior years. Taking 2021 as an example, it increased from 6,051 to 6,934 in 2022. It did, however, see 6,000 857 returns in 2020, 6,000 571 in 2019, 6,000 542 in 2018, and 4,000 480 deportations in 2017.

However, the organization has consistently seen a rise in the number of returning migrants from January through May. With 6,857 deportations in 2020, the organization came in second place nationwide. Guerrero was the only one above with 7,603 people.

Chiapas is leading the way in deportations this year with 12,154; Guerrero is second with 11,506; Oaxaca is third with 11,414; Puebla is fourth with 9,5; Veracruz is eighth with 8,302, and Michoacán is seventh with 7,577.

According to the UPM, Yucatán (307), Quintana Roo (248), and Baja California Sur would have the least amount of repatriations in 2022. (91). More than 88 percent of returns nationwide are men, on average.

The nation has recorded the repatriation of 112 thousand 298 Mexicans overall this year. However, Guanajuato receives 14 of the 201 repatriations that have been sent back from Canada thus far this year.

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