Published On: Tue, Nov 22nd, 2022

Mineral de Pozos: a fantastic Pueblo Mágico in the heart of Guanajuato

mineral de pozos mexico

Guanajuato is full of natural treasures throughout its territory, and one of them, well-tucked away, is the town of Mineral de Pozos. It’s also known as Pueblo Fantasma, or “Ghost Town.”

In the past, this area was known for its mining activity and industry. As such, the houses that were built during that time are rustic and even slightly abandoned. However, this is just a superficial first impression. Mineral de Pozos has plenty of interesting tourist attractions such as craft beer breweries and beautiful spas.

Walking down the streets of this magic little town, you can observe the well-preserved buildings and colors as if through a sepia lens, transporting you to another era.

To get here, you can drive from CDMX, which will take you about three hours across 280 kilometers.

Search for flights to Mexico City. From there you can rent a car and drive to Mineral de Pozos.

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