Published On: Sun, Jan 22nd, 2023

A gray fox and kestrel are rescued in SMA

The Environment Department managed to rescue 2 wild animals in rural areas of SMA. The animals were in good health.

San Miguel de Allende.- The Direction of Environment and Ecology rescued a gray fox and an American kestrel within the municipality of San Miguel.

Thanks to different citizen reports, the presence of an American kestrel was learned in the San Luis Rey neighborhood; as well as a gray fox in the area of ​​El Cortijo. And although it is common for these animals to roam around rural areas, this time they were found in inhabited areas and that is why both animals were disoriented.

The Environment and Sustainability Department sent personnel to rescue these wild animals that were sheltered in homes. They then evaluated their physical conditions and took them to receive pre-hospital care before returning them to their natural environment.

The rescue of the gray fox was also carried out successfully by municipal personnel. Although the specimen presented antisocial behavior, the experts said that was normal in that type of animal, and indicated that so far in the administration, there have been more than 120 rescues of wild animals.

The official thanked the collaboration and environmental awareness of the citizens who protected both animals. 

Finally, he recommended helping wild animals return to their natural environment and invited citizens to report to 9-1-1 in situations where there is a risk to a person or an animal.

San Miguel Times



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