Published On: Fri, Jan 13th, 2023

Are there treasure hunters in the hills of Guanajuato?

Guanajuato.- In the capital Guanajuato there are treasure hunters who roam the hills in search of precious objects.

Somewhere in Guanajuato, a ‘treasure hunter’ with his metal detector, pick, and shovel, is looking for a hidden treasure to change his fortune.

“It was not a round coin like today’s, it was deformed, minted with blows,” he stated.

But this time there was no luck: his Geiger counter only found a lead warhead, a stray bullet that fell on the hill.

Stray bullet found by a treasure hunter. Photo: Alejandro Sandoval

Either way, this treasure hunter is driven by the faith of finding something important and valuable.

You know that in this municipality there were discoveries of hidden treasures in ancient ruins or in the hills.

This city has always had a great mining activity, and for some time, it was the headquarters of the Cristeros movement. Therefore, it is presumed that there are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

With this in mind, this treasure hunter walks through the mountains, among hills and vegetation, among paths of old ruins that were left behind on a trail from colonial times.

Photo: Alejandro Sandoval

He searches for treasures in his spare time.

The cost of metal detectors varies from 1,000 to 4,500 pesos or more, depending on their functions.

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