Published On: Sat, Jan 28th, 2023

San Miguel student caught on video threatening the teacher with a pair of scissors

A student from the Fuego Nuevo school was evidenced through a video when she threatened a teacher, apparently with a sharp object. 

The Education delegation reported that it has already initiated a violence containment protocol and that the student has already been discharged.

“Why are you pushing me ,” says the teacher at the beginning of the video recorded by the school’s own students. The teacher addresses a student wearing a hooded sweatshirt as she approaches her and picks up a backpack from the floor.

At the moment of picking up the backpack, the student throws the teacher away, pulls the backpack from her and raises a fist threatening to hit her. Given this, the teacher simply tells her: “Don’t start with nonsense… Come on, she starts with nonsense.”

The student has an object in her right hand, but the video does not show what it is. However, the teacher herself says: “Oh, you are threatening me with scissors” .

At that moment, a man comes into the room, exchanges a couple of words with the teacher, she leaves the room and the video stops.

On the case, the school did not issue any official position. The 1 North delegation of the Secretary of Education ( SEG ), in charge of Juan Rendón López , announced that, after learning of the case, it applied the School Regulations for Coexistence in Peace of the state of Guanajuato.

Photo: Periodico Correo

The student, identified as a generator of violence, was permanently withdrawn from the educational establishment. She was also channeled to the Ministry of Health for her medical and psychological care, starting on January 26, 2023.

The SEG will provide support to the teachers of the educational institution with actions of peaceful coexistence.

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