Published On: Thu, Feb 9th, 2023

After clash with the president, Secretary and four councilors resign from Canaco San Miguel

They accuse the president of Canaco of having red numbers and making decisions without consulting the council.

San Miguel de Allende.- The secretary of the Chamber of Commerce (Canaco) and four councilors resigned from their positions in said chamber and point to the president, Dulce Perales Betancourt , as directly responsible .

They accuse her of making decisions without consulting the council and these decisions involved the spending of economic resources.

José Arturo Morales Tirado, secretary of the Canaco council, announced his resignation.

“I am presenting my resignation due to situations and circumstances that occurred personally between the president and myself; and also between the president and other members of this Council, when preparing the change of the board of directors for the following year,” Morales Tirado said.

Along with the secretary, four of the 18 members of the council also left: Harubi Cervantes , Oliverio Fernández , Gabriela Chalela and Joshua Cervantes.

In his resignation letter, Arturo Morales explains that the president of Canaco San Miguel de Allende breaks fundamental principles of the Law and regulations of Business Chambers and their Confederations.

Because the agenda of the Board of Directors is generated from what is suggested only by the President of the Board.

San Miguel Times



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