Published On: Sun, Feb 26th, 2023

Authorities warn the population of a new form of extortion in San Miguel

The authorities reported a new type of extortion in San Miguel de Allende and asked the population to be alert.

The government of San Miguel de Allende warned citizens not to be fooled by an alleged Infrastructure worker from the Infrastructure and Public Works Directorate, who demands certain amounts of money through telephone calls.

In a statement, the government reported the above and explained that it has reports of false phone calls from a person who is said to be engineer Roberto Zavala. However, there is no one in the unit with that name.

In addition, they assured that neither the Municipality , nor any of its dependencies or public officials demand payments by telephone. And in this is the new form of extortion, the victim is asked to pay a certain amount of money via cellphone.

Therefore, in the face of this type of call, citizens are requested to call the 9-1-1 Emergency Call Center ( CALL.E. ). Likewise, citizens are invited to identify the telephone number, remain calm, and cut off the call.

San Miguel Times



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