Published On: Fri, Feb 3rd, 2023

Candelaria Fair 2023 begins in San Miguel de Allende

On the first day of the 2023 Candelaria Fair, the Lions of the Sierra de Xichú performed, putting families to dance and sing. In addition, the traditional Blessing of the Holy Cross of the Park was carried out.

On Thursday, February 2nd, the Municipal Administration of San Miguel de Allende, following the orders of mayor Mauricio Trejo, carried out the inauguration of the 67th edition of the Candelaria Fair 2023, which takes place in the Benito Juárez park.

In a natural setting full of colors, smells, and joy, the 2023 Candelaria Fair brought together hundreds of people in the most emblematic park of the city to delight the senses with an exhibition of flowers, plants, fruit trees, and accessories to decorate the home. , with the warmth of nurserymen from San Miguel and various parts of Mexico.

It should be noted that the 2023 Candelaria Fair will take place from February 1 to 15 , from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., where there will be daily artistic, cultural, educational, and recreational events. In addition, attendees will be able to purchase the flora in the nursery of their choice.

The inaugural show was an example of what will be experienced during the fair, since the Lions of the Sierra de Xichú performed, who made families, couples, young people and the foreign community present dance and sing. At the end of the event, the traditional Blessing of the Holy Cross of the Park took place, framed in a mat of ephemeral art.

The director of Culture and Traditions, Acacio Martínez, stated: “San Miguel continues with its vocation of keeping flowers and plants very close in our coexistence because as human beings, we are prone to nature, we feel good with plants and flowers“.

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