Published On: Sat, Feb 18th, 2023

Mauricio Trejo thanked the secretary of Morena for “clarifying” that he has nothing to do with that party

The rumors that Mauricio Trejo would go to Morena were stopped dead by Jesús Ramírez Garibay, for which the mayor of San Miguel “thanked” him for the clarification.

San Miguel de Allende.-  Mayor Mauricio Trejo thanked the general secretary of Morena for “clarifying” that he has not met with them. He did it through his Twitter account, after the Morenista leader said that they don’t need him in their party.

“In Morena we don’t need Mauricio Trejo or anyone like him,” said Jesús Ramírez Garibay , general secretary of the State Executive Committee of Morena in Guanajuato, after being questioned about rumors that the PRI-derived mayor is going to Morena to contest for the governorship of Guanajuato.

These rumors began after Trejo appeared on a photo with Marcelo Ebrard at an event in León, but the general secretary of Morena in Guanajuato made the clarification days later.

In response, through his Twitter account, Mauricio Trejo Pureco wrote “I am extremely grateful to @garibay_ram for making it clear that THERE HAS BEEN NO rapprochement between MORENA state and myself.”

The mayor of San Miguel de Allende also stated “Thank you Ramírez, you are doing me the favor by making things clear about whether or not I have met with Morena.”

San Miguel Times



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