Published On: Sun, Feb 26th, 2023

New UNAM San Miguel de Allende Campus will be inaugurated before the end of the year (Mauricio Trejo)

UNAM Campus San Miguel de Allende could even be ready in the next three months and offer summer courses this year, according to a statement by the mayor Mauicio Trejo.

The new UNAM campus will be ready to start operations before the end of this year, promised the mayor Mauricio Trejo Pureco, who assured that the municipality has invested close to 10 million pesos in actions to carry out the project.

Let’s remember that UNAM arrived in 2013, 10 years have passed and the intention is for UNAM to open with its tenth anniversary and to celebrate by inaugurating the campus and the new facilities, which are being built with resources from UNAM itself, from the government of the State and the municipal resource.

UNAM San Miguel Campus

Trejo Pureco pointed out that it is the most ambitious project in educational matters in San Miguel de Allende , which already has three administrations working on the project. After that, the municipal president Trejo Pureco assured that he will inaugurate this new campus before the end of the year.

He calculated that the resource that the municipality has been investing in this project since last year, comes close to 10 million pesos.

Afterwards, we will open a budget item for the green areas on Campus. UNAM will be the university for young people who cannot afford a private college”, Mauricio Trejo concluded.



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