Published On: Wed, Feb 1st, 2023

SMA Municipality grants scholarships for 300 young students

San Miguel de Allende.- Recognizing their merit for standing out in their education, the Municipal Administration supported young people from San Miguel with the Incentives for Excellence ” The Municipality With You “ .

More than 300 middle school, high school, and university students were distinguished with these educational aids, which not only increased their economic amount, but also the frequency with which the youth is benefiting.

These stimuli were received by the beneficiaries from the hands of the municipal president Mauricio Trejo , during the event organized by the Municipal Institute for Youth Care ( Imajsma ) for all recognized students.

Photo: Periodico Correo

In addition, Mauricio Trejo highlighted the support of parents, so that a child becomes an excellent student and that he takes advantage of the moment to form his character and said: “You cannot be an excellent student if you do not have parents who accompany them, the way they do: physically or morally, in all that work of being a student. I really congratulate you, the parents, all of you.”

Incentives for Excellence « El Municipio Contigo » is a municipal program headed by the Imajsma in favor of the education of young people from San Miguel, so that they can benefit from their professional and personal development. 

Currently, following the guideline set by the municipal president Mauricio Trejo to strengthen education and youth, this program has been increased to more than 300 beneficiaries, who receive an annual amount of $5,000 pesos in three installments a year; It is important to emphasize that this is the first time that this benefit has been delivered to young university students.

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