Published On: Wed, Feb 1st, 2023

SMA Tourist Police is in constant training

Since its creation in November 2022, the Specialized Unit for Tourist Attention and Protection (“Tourist Police”) of San Miguel de Allende continues to become more professional and the unit is also trained in first aid.

Following the directive of the municipal president Mauricio Trejo , regarding having a professional corporation to care for the population, this area of ​​the Police Directorate focuses on serving the tourist, the visitor and all the families that are part of the service sector.

That is why the Tourist Police received specialized training in tactical medicine, emergencies and first aid; This is added to their preparation in action protocols with adherence to human rights, equipment management, detention strategies, respect and promotion of care for Cultural Heritage, as well as crowd control.

In addition, the tourist police are prepared to serve the foreign community, since they have bilingual police agents, with command of the English language.

With an exemplary closeness in citizen service that rescues the civic values ​​of the people of San Miguel, the Tourist Police seeks a safe environment for those who visit and enjoy this World Heritage city.

Now, the Tourist Police is trained to intervene in any emergency when a person requires cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), in addition to knowing how to use the defibrillators (devices that give off electric resuscitation discharges) that are distributed in different parts of the municipal territory, especially where a large number of people gather.

With this training, the Tourist Police can provide primary care that can save lives, since acting promptly can prevent further harm to the patient, stabilize their crisis, and promptly channel them to receive hospital care.

Promoting the training of its elements, the Secretary of Citizen Security continues to work so that the population and visitors in San Miguel de Allende are better every day.

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