Published On: Mon, Feb 6th, 2023

The municipal administration of San Miguel de Allende develops High-Density Urban Forests

Rescuing the natural spaces of the people of San Miguel, the Municipal Administration, through the Department of Environment and Sustainability

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato . To rescue the natural spaces of San Miguel, the Municipal Administration, through the Department of Environment and Sustainability, is developing High Density Urban Forests.

Highlighting the public policies in favor of the environment headed by President Mauricio Trejo, this municipal project that rescues and restructures the green areas of the San Miguel territory continues to advance, favorably impacting the environment, the urban image, and social coexistence.

Municipal administration develops high-density urban forests


The success of this environmental project that the Municipality is carrying out has the San Miguel residents themselves as protagonists, who have joined so that an urban forest is generated in their common areas.

The first of these natural appreciations is located in the Las Brisas neighborhood within the public park of this neighborhood; there, the urban forest has ocotillo, broom, paradise, palo blanco, palo dulce, ash, pine and poplar; That is why the scheme in this neighborhood is an example of the success of this project, which is providing a tree for each inhabitant of the area, which is why it is considered “high density.”

To complement the development of High-Density Urban Forests, the water lily extracted from the Allende dam is being used, since the mulch that is placed on the base of the plants serves as a natural fertilizer, retains moisture, and prevents excess sunlight from sun affects directly on each growing specimen.

With innovative projects that have an impact on the environment, the Municipal Administration continues to promote the health and quality of life of families in San Miguel de Allende so that they live better every day.

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