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Morena at risk of losing at least 4 governorships (Massive Caller)

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Massive Caller is oneof the most important polling companies in Mexico that uses an innovative tool that allows it to measure public opinion on any general topic quickly, reliably and at a low cost.

A little over a month before the elections in the country, there is a close competition in at least 4 of the 9 governorships that will be in dispute on June 2, with less than 5 percentage points of difference between first and second place, according to the most recent Massive Caller surveys.

The survey conducted on April 28 reveals that in two states there is an advantage of more than 10 points in favor of the first place and in the remaining 3 the leading candidates have an advantage that can also be considered clear, although not as wide.

In which states will there be gubernatorial elections on June 2?
On June 2, there will be elections for governor in Yucatán, Mexico City, Veracruz, Tabasco, Puebla, Morelos, Jalisco, Guanajuato and Chiapas.

The states where the fight is close are Mexico City, where first and second place have a difference of only 3.1 percentage points; Veracruz, with a difference of only 0.9 points; Puebla, 4.4, and Morelos, 2.2 points.

It is striking that these four states are governed by the so-called Fourth Transformation since 3 are governed by Morena and one by the PES (Morelos), so there is a risk of losing these states for the ruling party.

Three of the most populated states in the country

It should be noted that three of these states are among the most populated in the country, and therefore among those with the most voters:

CDMX has 9.2 million inhabitants; Veracruz has 8 million; Puebla, has 6.5 million, and the smallest is Morelos, with 1.9 million, according to Inegi data from 2020.

The two states where the leader in the Massive Caller survey has an advantage of more than 10 points are Tabasco, with a 17.8 percentage point difference, and Chiapas, with a 16.6 percentage point advantage, both states governed by Morena.

In the three remaining governorships in dispute the difference is the following: Yucatán, the leader has an advantage of 7.9 points over the second place; Jalisco, a difference of 8 points, and Guanajuato, 7.5 points.

Massive Caller Survey by State
The results of the Massive Caller survey by State are as follows:

Renán Barrera Concha (PAN-PRI): 44.1%
Joaquín “Huacho” Díaz Mena (Morena-PT-PVEM): 36.2%
Vida Gómez Herrera (MC): 4.3%
Tina Tuyub (PRD): 1.5%
Not yet decided: 13.9%

Mexico City
Santiago Taboada (PAN-PRI-PRD): 42.2%
Clara Brugada (Morena-PT-PVEM): 39.1%
Solomon Chertorivsky (MC): 6.3%
Not yet decided: 12.4%

Rocío Nahle (Morena-PT-PVEM-Fuerza por México): 40.2%
José Yunes Zorrilla (PAN-PRI-PRD): 39.3%
Polo Deschamps (MC): 5.8%
Not yet decided: 14.7%

Javier May (Morena-PT-PVEM): 41.4%
Lorena Beaurregard de los Santos (PAN-PRI): 23.6%
Minés de la Fuente (MC): 8.5%
Juan Manuel Fócil Pérez (PRD): 5.2%
Not yet decided: 21.3%

Alejandro Armenta Mier (Morena-PT-PVEM): 44.1%
Eduardo Rivera Pérez (PAN-PRI-PRD): 39.7%
Fernándo Morales Martínez (MC): 2.9%
Not yet decided: 13.3%

Lucy Meza Guzmán (PAN-PRI-PRD-RSP): 41.0%
Margarita González Saravia (Morena-PT-PVEM-Panal-PES-MAS): 38.8%
Jéssica Ortega de la Cruz (MC): 7.1%
Not yet decided: 13.1%

Pablo Lemus (MC): 45.1%
Claudia Delgadillo (Morena-PT-PVEM-Hagamos-Futuro): 37.1%
Laura Haro (PAN-PRI-PRD): 12.4%
Not yet decided: 5.4%

Libya Denisse García Muñoz Ledo (PAN-PRI-PRD): 46.2%
Alma Alcaraz Hernández (Morena-PT-PVEM): 38.7%
Yulma Rocha Aguilar (MC): 1.2%
Not yet decided: 13.9%

Óscar Eduardo Ramírez Aguilar (Morena-PT-PVEM): 46.8%
Olga Luz Espinosa Morales (PAN-PRI-PRD): 30.2%
Karla Irasema Muñoz Balanzar (MC): 7.7%
Not yet decided: 15.3%

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