Published On: Fri, Jul 1st, 2016

State authorities have identified the “Calzada head”

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Guanajuato’s state prosecutor announced on Thursday June 30 that they have results on the tests to determine the identity of the man who was beheaded and whose head was found on top of a bench, just a few meters from Arco de la Calzada, as published one week ago on the San Miguel Times .


Following the discovery of the head and body, experts of the Homicides Specialized Unit conducted a thorough investigation of the crime scene and recovered a fingerprint of the victim.


This important piece of information was analyzed and according to State Attorney General Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre, the results showed different names, including Erick Alejandro and/or Juan Jose Rocha, which is still yet to be confirmed, since relatives have not identified or claimed the body.



The remains were found on Thursday, June 23rd, the head was carefully placed inside a carboard box and left on a bench located on Avenida de los Heroes. The body was found later in an empty vacant lot on Constellaciones street, in Guanajuato’s Villas de San Juan neighborhood. 




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