Published On: Mon, Jul 18th, 2016

Supply is greater than demand for hotel industry in Celaya

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The President of the Hotel Association of Celaya, Miguel Cano declared that difficult times for this sector will come in 2017, because supply is greater than demand. Nine new hotels will be built in the city, but not many new companies have opened yet, in order to meet the expectations for hotel occupancy.

“At this time, three new hotels had opened in Celaya and six more will come, while business mobility has been low and new industries are yet to be installed.”

Miguel Cano explained that there are approximately 120 rooms per hotel, this will  surpass the demand that currently exists. Right now the occupancy rate is 50 percent.

“It’s a rather worrying situation, which is already being analyzed by SETUR.”

Miguel Cano explained that the city of Celaya is still waiting for companies to establish; such as suppliers for the plants of Toyota and Honda, however, next year will be a little bleak, because many of these companies are not expected to be working one hundred percent.



He said that for this holiday season, they expect the type of tourism aimed at the business sector, which is different from the kind of traveler that visits places like San Miguel de Allende or Guanajuato, which are touristic destinations.

Canto concluded mentioning that another profile of visitor is coming to the municipality, which could trigger a new kind of tourism. He is talking about the relatives of the city residents, who come from other countries to visit, this will generate an economic spill for Celaya this summer.




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