Published On: Thu, Sep 1st, 2016

San Miguel de Allende municipality projects a new airfield

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SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, Gto.- On Tuesday, August 30, the municipal council authorized mayor Ricardo Villarreal to sign public deeds to acquire the ownership and possession of the land where the new San Miguel de Allende airfield is projected.

With this project, the government is looking forward to improve the air connectivity and transportation infrastructure along this municipality, and the idea is to have a small airport in the near future.

Therefore, the city is negotiating with the owners, in order to acquire the land required to build a landing track. Villarreal said the government has accepted some lands as payment of debts that owners have with the municipality.


Airfield in SMA (Image: Google)

A surface of 1.5 kms is required, but authorities area looking to obtain a strip of  at least 1.8 kms long.

Villarreal declared that the airfield could be ready to start operating in 2017.

The mayor reported that several projects will be analyzed and once there is a winner the investment will be made on several issues, such as widen the track, grow it, level it, put asphalt, build a FBO, a customs and migration office, and move some high voltage cables to the other side of the track.

Finally, certain requirements need to be fullfilled in order to obtain the federal authorities approval and the airport category can be granted. So if the project complies with all regulations, SCT could authorize it as airport.

The goal is to have commercial flights, which would certainly boost the economy of San Miguel de Allende. Villarreal concluded saying that he hopes that small commercial airlines such as Aeromar or Aeroméxico Connect among others, could soon be landing in SMA.




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