Published On: Fri, Dec 9th, 2016

Dollar bills with hate message against Mexicans circulating in California USA

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José Juárez shared on social networks the image of a one-dollar bill with a stamp saying: “Mexicans the human version of rats“.

The Mexican migrant who resides in the United States explained to the local news service of Univision San Diego that he did not realize he was in possession of that bill, until he checked in his wallet for a one-dollar bill.

Juarez, who lives in San Diego, California, made several purchases last Saturday December 3rd, in the area of ​​Linda Vista, and it was until Sunday that he noticed the message on that bill, so he has no clear idea of ​​where he could have obtained it.


Dollar bills with message of hatred against Mexicans circulating in the U.S. (Photo:

However, he decided to publicize the fact in social networks to denounce the message of hatred against his compatriots.

Elena Blanco, also a resident of San Diego, posted a similar situation on social networks. She realized that one of his $ 20 bills had written a message of hatred against Mexico along with a swastika. The woman tried to fix the message, writing “Love Mexico” and went to the bank to change it. The bank agreed and indicated that they would withdraw the bill from circulation.

Joanna Mendelson, an activist and member of the Anti-Defamation League, which investigates complaints of racism and discrimination, also denounced the fact on social networks. “The xenophobic message stamped on a one dollar bill circulating in California does not differ from Nazi thought,” she said on her Twitter account along with a photo of the bill.

Despite the offensive message, the Anti-Defamation League made it clear to Univision San Diego that this is not a hate crime because “there is no vandalism, there is no physical violence or theft. It’s just a text on a one-dollar bill, that’s all”.




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