Published On: Thu, Dec 8th, 2016

Man shot on the neck as he resisted assault in Celaya

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CELAYA, Gto .- After resisting an assault, a man was shot in the neck outside a pizza restaurant near the corner of Avenida Salvador Ortega and Eje Clouthier, in the city of Celaya, Guanajuato.

On the night of Wednesday December 7th, around 10:00 pm, a man was attacked by people who intercepted him outside a pizzeria, located on Eje Clouthier.

The victim was assaulted by two armed subjects, who were loitering outside the restaurant. As the man was getting out of his vehicle, the armed criminals approached him to steal his black Mitsubishi pickup truck.

(Photo: Correo)

(Photo: Correo)

The victim refused to give them the car keys, and ran trying to take shelter inside the pizza place screaming for help; when one of the burglars fired at him, striking an impact on the neck; the subject immediately began to bleed profusely inside the restaurant.

In an act of survival, the individual ran to a pharmacy one block away, asking for help, when somebody reported the incident to the emergency number 911, and minutes later an ambulance of the Red Cross arrived onsite, and paramedics took the injured to the San José hospital.

The criminals managed to flee the scene, and no arrests have been made so far regarding this incident.




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