Published On: Tue, Jan 24th, 2017

Supreme Court allows external expert services to clarify triple murder in SMA

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In order to clarify the tragic events that occurred on January 14 during a shooting in the outskirts of San Miguel Allende, where three minors were killed, the Supreme Court of Guanajuato will allow both parties to present “external expert services” to determine the corresponding responsibilities.

“These situations have to be elucidated and that is exactly what we are just beginning to do in this is violent, tremendous, and terrible case,” said Magistrate Miguel Valadez Reyes, president of the Supreme Court.

According to the first investigations, in the early morning hours of January 14, while there was a shooting between ministerial police officers and a criminal group in a property near the San Miguel – Dolores highway, three innocent children were slaughtered, presumably by their own father.

This version, supported by the Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) was denied by the mother of the children and wife of the accused, who said that her husband was tortured and forced to accept he was guilty.

three innocent children killed

However, the head of the Judicial Branch of the state and head of the PGJE, Carlos Zamarripa, allowed the defense to appeal to external expertise to prove that the man was tortured by agents of the so called “tactical group” that detained him.

The prosecution and the defense will have a period of six months to carry out the complementary investigation, as determined by the judge of control in charge of the case. Meanwhile, the accused will remain in custody.




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  1. Former fed says:

    The police are going to use the fabricated confession of Juana Luna and the “admission by torture” of Antonio Luna as their main evidence, with “cover-up specialists” to clear the police. Those studying on behalf ofvtge Luna’s can be compromised by money because this is Mexico. The police are going to use up the entire 6 months to give the Attorney General and the police a chance to threaten the Luna’s, for as long and as much as they can. Firing the compromised attorney was the best thing the Luna’s could have done. Justice will probably not be served but we all know the truth of the matter. The Americans living in San Miguel de Allende are wanting to know that they can be safe from being murdered by corrupt police. That’s why the FBI is involved.

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