Published On: Tue, May 23rd, 2017

Foreign woman resulted injured after falling down in San Miguel de Allende’s Park

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According to a foreign woman who was walking on the sidewalk of the Juárez Park, on “Aldama” street, suffered injuries after a fall when stumbling over one of the new stone tiles that were recently replaced on that downtown area park.

Other pedestrians who were passing by helped the lady up and witnessed how the woman fell down as she stumbled with a loose stone tile that was misplaced and protruding above the others.



The woman resulted with an injury on the right eyebrow, therefore she had receive first aids. After the fall, the lady immediately was helped by several pedestrians that noticed she was bleeding.

The neighbors said that it is the fifth person who falls down, after the remodeling works  in this park, the victims have been mostly older adults.

When asked about this situation, local authorities responded that the public works that are being carried out in the downtwon area will be inspected, and if irregularities are detected, they will be repaired as soon as possible.

The website did not specify the victim’s name or nationality, they just mentioned that she was foreign.






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