Published On: Thu, Jun 8th, 2017

Discover the new “Mallentertainment” concept in Querétaro

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National developer GICSA has created a new concept of shopping mall known as “Explanada”. In this kind of shopping center, the people of Queretaro will find amusement parks featuring rides, as well as other attractions such as bowling, dozens of restaurants and bars, cinema theatres, among others.

CORREGIDORA, Qro – In two weeks, Gicsa will start the construction of “Explanada” in the municipality of Querétaro, with an investment of $3 billion pesos ($164 million USD).

This so-called “mallentertainment” will be located on Paseo Constituyentes, next to the industrial zone of “Balvanera”, in a surface of 89,654 square meters (965,027 ft).

In addition to commercial premises, this property considers the development of a hotel, executive suites and an amphitheater. Besides, this new heart of the city will feature an amusement park with a hot air balloon ride, as well as a bowling alley, restaurants, bars and movie theatres.


(El Financiero)


Mayor Mauricio Kuri announced the arrival of another hotel investment that will be located in the area of ​​Santa Bárbara. He also explained that real estate projects are being developed to house top executives from Toyota supply companies and their families, who are looking for non-permanent housing, family housing and suites.

“Toyota needs accommodations and commercial areas for those who will work at the Apaseo El Grande plant. We are working on that matter since the demand is really strong”, Kuri added.

The authorities estimate that the municipality of “Corregidora” will receive at least $3 billion pesos (162.2 million USD), in new investments during 2017, basically on commercial projects, hotels, industrial parks and installation of new manufacturing companies.

About Explanada Querétaro Balvanera

With the concept of community, Explanada reunites all of the interests to be attractive for the whole family:

• District containers
• Brand signature
• Local artists
• Culture

This new concept in shopping and entertainment center launches an open invitation to all Queretaro residents, to visit this complex that was designed in just one level and surrounded by parking lots on its four fronts, in order to facilitate an amazing experience that only Explanada will offer in all the Bajio region.

Video Explanada ActualizacionMayo2017 from Seguimientos GICSA on Vimeo.




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