Published On: Thu, Feb 1st, 2018

Soldiers in León, Guanajuato search for any “irregularity”, keeping roadblocks in place

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“With roadblocks in all points in and out of the city of León, Guanjauto, the military police together with agents of municipal security have “sealed the city”, and they will be stopping all vehicles in order to detect any kind of irregularity,” declared mayor Héctor López Santillana.

During the first days of operation of the military police in León, the mayor stated that, on the first day of the  operation, one of these patrols managed to detect a suspect in possession of a fragmentation grenade. The man was placed under custody of the federal authorities.


“These military operations will be permanent, 24 – 7, “without risks of shift changes”, in order to be more effective”, added the mayor.

He also resumed there is absolutely “zero tolerance” with vehicles without license plates, with tinted windows or any other suspicious or irregular situation.

For this purpose, “we are going to literally seal the city, every vehicle, person or cargo that comes in or goes out of the city limits will be inspected by the law enforcement agents.”

Source: AM



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