Published On: Thu, Mar 1st, 2018

Adobe brick building style in San Miguel de Allende

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Editor-in-chief of Edmonton-based the Global Times, author and collaborator for The Chronicle Herald Canada, Bob Weinstein recently published a piece on the adobe brick building style used around the world, including of course… San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. Check it out!


Unfortunately my vacation in the small Mexican town of San Miguel da Allende ended on the last day of January. As the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” It felt great being in a place where the temperature during the day was in the mid-70s Fahrenheit; at night it dropped down to the chilly 40s.

The food was fantastic, the lifestyle slow and easy, the cost of living cheap by North American standards. But I also learned a lot about Mexican architecture, especially the adobe building style.

The adobe brick building style is not unique to Mexico and other warm climates. It’s also gaining a foothold in North America.

Mud brick construction is often referred to as “adobe,” which is an Arabic and Berber word brought by Spaniards to the Americas, where it was adopted into English.

Adobe bricks are mud bricks made of earth with a high clay content and straw. The most effective use of mud bricks is in building healthy, environmentally responsible houses.

If you’re not familiar with the adobe style, here’s a brief summary of its roots and benefits:

The adobe brick building style is an ancient technique once popular in the Americas and the Middle East. Adobe means mudbrick in Spanish…

Click here for full article by Bob Weinstein on The Chronicle Herald Canada

Source: The Chronicle Herald Canada

Adobe House (Photo:

Adobe House (Photo:



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