Published On: Mon, Mar 26th, 2018

Gastronomic fest to be held in Queretaro

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Attention! To all adventurers wanting to explore new flavors near SMA: La Feria del Mole, la Nieve and la Enchilada in La Cañada, municipality of El Marqués, Querétaro, is ready to receive more than 30 thousand attendees on April 14 and 15, who will be fortunate enough to enjoy the most extraordinary variety of flavors.

The president of the Board of the event, Iván Juárez, informed that the fifth edition constitutes a gastronomic and artisan festival that distinguishes El Marqués, Qro.

The Fair will take place at the historic El Capulín spring, where the water flows all the way to the city of Querétaro through the emblematic aqueduct known as Arcos. “For this fifth edition we will have as special guests the five Magical Towns of the State of Querétaro: Bernal, Cadereyta, Jalpan de Serra, San Joaquin and Tequisquiapan,” said the president of the Board.


La Feria del Mole, la Nieve and la Enchilada

  1. Bernal
  2. Cadereyta
  3. Jalpan de Serra
  4. San Joaquin
  5. Tequisquiapan

These five “Pueblos Mágicos” will be offering the best of their gastronomy and crafts during the weekend at the La Feria del Mole, la Nieve and la Enchilada:

  • 70 typical mole producers.
  • 50 more producers of enchiladas and Queretanas.
  • 15 families producing artisanal nieves.
  • The traditional contest of mole and enchilada Queretana will be held on April 15.




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