Published On: Wed, Mar 14th, 2018

Trump’s racism on full display during visit to San Diego: Sierra Club

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San Diego, CA– On Tuesday March 13, President Trump visited the border wall prototypes in San Diego, California.

According to Sierra Club, Trump lied about the wall’s effectiveness, lied about Californians’ support for the border wall and insulted the governor and residents of California. Still, Trump has signaled that community will be the first for robust border wall construction and prototypes are currently under construction in Imperial and Calexico.

The visit came despite Californians being a large part of the Trump resistance and a large majority opposing the border wall. Just two days before the visit, Trump once again insisted that Mexico pay for the wall though Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and many other Mexican officials have rejected repeatedly. 

trump tours wall prototypes

In response to the visit, Sierra Club released the following statements:

“Trump’s visit proves he doesn’t understand our communities nor the environmental threats of a wall here. I’ve seen the damage border wall causes in my backyard and these prototypes will make a bad problem even worse. People in my community do not want a wall though Trump continually lies about that. He’s pushing an agenda that harms our families, destroys our environment and is rooted in injustice and racism,” said Jill Holslin of the Sierra Club Borderlands Campaign. 

“Trump’s statements today in San Diego demonstrate his racist misconceptions that drive this anti-immigrant, anti-environment campaign for a multi-billion dollar border wall. Borderlands communities are some of the safest in our country and this fear mongering will have dangerous and irreversible consequences in the places we call home if this wall is constructed,” said Ruben Arizmendi, chair of the San Diego Sierra Club and attorney. 




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